Why Won’t a Personal Injury Lawyer Take My Case? 5 Big Reasons You Were Probably Turned Away

July 5, 2023

Why Won’t a Personal Injury Lawyer Take My Case? 5 Big Reasons You Were Probably Turned Away

Personal injury law on a textbookA personal injury lawyer helps injury victims with a case.

A personal injury lawyer’s practice is generally centered around helping victims who suffer injuries after an accident.

From a fall due to wet floors at a grocery store in Woodland Hills to a pedestrian struck by a driver at an intersection in Burbank, personal injuries happen on a seemingly daily basis around Los Angeles. 

There are many factors that can affect how successful you are at recovering from a personal injury. Obviously, there’s a physical aspect and how you heal from your injuries.

Another deciding factor in your success is the type of personal injury lawyer you bring in for your case.

To assist with communicating to insurance company’s, as well as a plethora of other issues, personal injury victims will often hire an attorney.

After suffering a personal injury, having the right lawyer to represent you is important.

You can search the Internet and find many lists for a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, but it doesn’t always mean they will take your case.  

There are multiple reasons why a personal injury lawyer may choose not to represent you.

We’ve compiled a list consisting of five major reasons why an attorney may decline your personal injury case:

Statute of Limitations –  This is the deadline an injured party has for filing a suit. The statute of limitations in California is two years for most personal injury cases.

While there are some exceptions (for example, if the plaintiff is 17 or younger, the two year period does not start until they turn 18).

If the time has passed on your statute of limitations, a personal injury lawyer may choose not to proceed with your case.

Conflict of interest – If you were involved in a slip and fall dispute with someone already being represented by a lawyer for another case in the firm you contacted, the lawyer will not be able to represent you due to a conflict of interest. 

This isn’t necessarily a personal choice of the lawyer, but rather a legal and ethical duty to the client they are already representing.

There isn’t enough documentation – If you were involved in a car accident, but didn’t take any photos, get the other party’s information, etc., a personal injury lawyer may pass on your case.  It is largely in part from insufficient facts to build a claim.

This is why documenting as much as you can after a personal injury is crucial. Always be sure to collect contact info of the other party in a car accident, or get the manager’s name and number for a slip and fall.

They don’t practice in the area of your case – If you contact a personal injury lawyer about a product liability claim, they may choose not to represent you on the basis that your case isn’t within their legal background.

Be sure to research the lawyer’s practice area to save your time from possible rejection.

Man on a computer - getting help from a personal injury lawyer

If you recently suffered a personal injury, contact the Burbank personal injury lawyers at C&B Law Group.  We will research your case to make sure we are the right choice for you and your suit.

Our personal injury attorneys practice in areas such as:

Recovering from a personal injury is never easy. It’s why one of our top priorities is helping clients reach maximum potential through proper compensation. 

We’ve successfully recovered millions of dollars in compensation for multiple clients.

Our firm works on a contingency fee basis, so we take nothing from your wallet until your case is successfully settled. Furthermore, your consultation is free, so if for whatever reason you weren’t a fit, you don’t pay us a dime.

Contact us today to learn more!

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