What is a Phantom Driver? 3 Ways an Attorney Can Assist with This Unique Accident Case

April 8, 2024

What is a Phantom Driver? 3 Ways an Attorney Can Assist with This Unique Accident Case

A phantom driver may inadvertently cause an accident

Being in a car crash with a phantom driver can be even more difficult for victims.

A phantom driver might sound like a cartoon character, but they are real, and can cause serious havoc in a car accident.

Data suggests that there were 11,172 car accidents in Los Angeles in 2022. Almost half of those crashes were on state highways, and nearly 10 percent involved motorcycles

When one thinks of a car accident in Los Angeles, you probably think of a situation like a head-on collision where one car smashes into the front end of another vehicle. A lot of collisions like this are caused by factors including distracted drivers, drunk drivers, or even speeding.

A less likely, but equally dangerous, cause occurs when an automobile accident is caused by a phantom driver.

A phantom driver is someone who causes an accident despite never coming in contact with another vehicle. 

Imagine a situation where a vehicle stops in the middle of a road. To try avoiding an accident, the car behind it swerves out of the way and crashes into a vehicle in the other lane. 

The car stopped in the middle of the road inadvertently caused the accident, making them a phantom driver. 

If you were in an accident caused by a phantom driver, you should still take the same precautions as you would with a different kind of crash.

  • Call 911: get medical attention even if you don’t feel injured.
  • Collect evidence: this can include photos, videos, and more.
  • Get the other party’s information: be sure to gather their name, phone number, email, drivers license, and plate number.

A phantom driver is still legally responsible for damages incurred as the result of a car crash, so you should get their information. Oftentimes, a phantom driver will pull over to check on the accident victims, but other times, they flee the scene.

Any car accident lead to an injury, such is the case with a phantom driver.

How do you handle a phantom driver if they drive away from the accident? In this situation, it’s often best to consult with a Los Angeles car accident attorney.

An attorney can help assess an accident with a phantom driver in a number of ways.

First, they can help you gather evidence. An attorney will exhaust all options for additional evidence, like any witnesses to the crash.

Additionally, an attorney can assist with communication between you and the insurance company. When you’re already stressed following an accident, the last thing you need is insurance down your neck bullying you about the crash.

Furthermore, an LA car accident attorney will work with you, and not against you. A good lawyer will be on your side throughout the entire process to ensure you receive the justice you deserve.

At C&B Law Group, our Burbank car accident attorneys pride themselves on assisting phantom driver crash victims recover compensation following an injury.

Some of the most common injuries in car accidents include:

  • Neck pain or another serious neck injury
  • Broken bones 
  • Cuts and lacerations 
  • Internal bleeding
  • Back pain that could become chronic
  • Whiplash
  • Severe damage to vital organs
  • Scarring or disfigurement 
  • Upper body injuries
  • Concussions
  • Lower body injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Wrongful death

If you were in an accident involving a phantom driver, we will help you with trying to recover damages including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

A phantom driver can be involved in many different types of moving vehicle accidents, such as:

There’s even situations where a phantom driver may cause another car to hit a person , resulting in a pedestrian accident.

If you or a loved one require help following a car accident with a phantom driver, contact the LA accident attorneys at C&B Law Group today and let us know what happened during your free initial consultation.

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