Traveling in a Southern California Windstorm – 4 Methods of Safety

January 10, 2024

Traveling in a Southern California Windstorm – 4 Methods of Safety

Trees may be downed in a Southern California windstorm

If you or a loved one were injured in a Southern California windstorm, you may be entitled to compensation depending on the root of your accident.

Traveling in a Southern California windstorm can lead to a higher risk for accidents and injuries.

A windstorm sees gusts that exceed 34 miles per hour and are oftentimes strong enough to cause damage, including:

  • Wrecking power lines
  • Knocking down trees
  • Moving vehicles, including big rig trucks
  • Forcing roofing or other materials off of buildings
  • Blowing other debris

More often than not, windstorms see increases in wind speeds throughout mountainous regions in SoCal. Areas like the Santa Clarita Valley or Riverside and San Bernardino counties are greatly affected.

A Southern California windstorm can be very dangerous for a number of reasons, especially for drivers on the road. If you have to drive during a Southern California windstorm, there are a number of safety tips to follow:

Avoid speeding

According to the National Safety Council, over 30 people die daily in speeding related accidents across the US

Speeding greatly increases the risk of accident, as drivers have less reaction time to control their vehicle. If a speeding driver comes across a fallen tree, it may be harder for them to stop.

Focus on the road ahead

While many elements during a Southern California windstorm are out of a driver’s control, staying focused is within their direction.

Distractions such as text messages, phone calls, and eating can take away driver’s attention and raise the chances of a crash.

Steer clear from driving recklessly

Reckless driving encompasses many possible causes of accidents. Examples include disobeying traffic lights and signs, making unsafe lane changes, or making wrong-way turns.

It’s important to follow the rules of the road during a Southern California windstorm to help ensure safety. 

Don’t drink and drive

Drinking and driving is illegal no matter the weather conditions. It leads to thousands of accidents and fatalities every day

With hazardous conditions from a Southern California windstorm, the chances of a deadly crash becomes even more dangerous.

Just because you follow these tips during a Southern California windstorm doesn’t mean other drivers will do the same. 

Imagine a situation where Stella obeys the rules of the road during a windstorm, following the speed limit and avoiding distracted driving. Despite this, another driver sharing the road with her frequently changes lanes and speeds.

The other driver eventually comes up to downed power lines. They’re unable to stop, lose control of the vehicle and crash into Stella’s car, leading to a multi-vehicle pileup.

Stella suffers internal bleeding and a concussion. She has the right to pursue compensation for her injuries.

Downed tree on a car - a southern california windstorm can lead to damage and injuries

All drivers must provide a duty of care to protect others on the road while operating a motor vehicle. The other driver was negligent when they failed to obey rules of the road during a Southern California windstorm.

The situation could be even more catastrophic. For example, truck accidents might lead to even greater injuries due to the size of the vehicles involved. 

Common injuries following motor vehicle accidents might include:

  • Head injuries
  • Whiplash or other neck injuries
  • Cuts
  • Lacerations
  • Scarring
  • Disfigurement
  • Nerve injuries or damage
  • Broken bones
  • Muscle injuries or damage
  • Paralysis
  • Death

Weather conditions might not always be the direct cause of your accident. If a negligent driver drove recklessly during a Southern California windstorm and injured you in a crash, you should reach out to an LA accident attorney

C&B Law Group has helped clients across Southern California recover millions of dollars in compensation across thousands of personal injury cases.

Our team of honest lawyers believe they have the experience to help guide you through your case. We can help you build evidence for a claim.

It’s not rare for pushy insurance companies to do whatever they can to get you to settle for less money than you deserve. The LA injury attorneys at C&B Law Group believe this is wrong, and we will do whatever we can within our legal power to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. 

We service clients across the Southern California region in areas such as:

  • Los Angeles
  • Glendale
  • Burbank
  • Long Beach
  • Riverside
  • San Bernardino County
  • Orange County

The statute of limitations in most California personal injury cases is only two years. If you were injured, contact our attorneys today and learn more about how you can receive a free consultation.

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