California Fires – Property Damage and Loss

August 1, 2023

California Fires – Property Damage and Loss

California fires can set homes ablaze

California fires can lead to millions of dollars in property damage, leaving you or your family with nothing left.

California fires have led to an average amount of over 200,000 acres burned across the state.

There are natural causes with the potential to lead to California fires, including:

  • A drought throughout the state
  • Warmer or rising temperatures
  • Dry land

Sometimes, the cause of California fires aren’t natural. This is often the case in more property related California fires at homes.

For example, it’s not a rarity for electric companies to improperly maintain power poles. Power poles help support power lines, transformers, street lights, etc. Southern California Edison has faced numerous lawsuits totaling tens of millions of dollars for failing to clear the landscape around their equipment. 

If power poles aren’t properly maintained, the risk of a fire can greatly increase.

Aside from significant structural damage, other possible damage one can see to their home following a fire includes:

  • Plumbing issues related to pipes set on fire
  • Roofing  damage that can impact other areas of your home, such as the interior due to a  roof collapse
  • Electrical wiring that might cause explosions and further fire damage
  • Damage to land outside of the home, such as a backyard

If your home was ravaged in a fire, you may be eligible for compensation from property damage. Property damage occurs when there is destruction to a person’s tangible materials, including their car, home, etc. 

California fires are known to lead to millions of dollars in property damage. If you want to seek compensation following a fire, evidence is crucial to a successful claim.

First, you should collect photos and videos of the incident. Getting pictures of the aftermath can showcase what is or isn’t remaining following a fire.

Of course, you and your family’s safety is most important. Risking life to capture photos or videos as the fire is ablaze is risky, and should be avoided.

Other photos or videos of items that may have caused the fire, like damaged power poles or transformers, can only serve as additional aid. 

Another important form of evidence involves insurance policies. Your insurance policy outlines what may or may not be covered in the event of property damage.

These documents can also help an attorney in the event an insurance company denies any claims.

Other additional documents that may serve as evidence include those that showcase your loss or potential losses of income.

Let’s imagine you sell action figures and other toys from the 1980’s on the Internet. After a home fire, you lose all of your inventory.

Documentation about the worth of your items or the potential income you may have earned can help showcase the earnings you lost or will lose due to the fire.

Other evidence that may help in a case with California fires could include a witness. Any witnesses who saw how the fire started can explain the situation to help further back up your claim.

Witnesses may even include family members or roommates, as well as other tenants in a condo building.

Damage can be severe in California fires

Any injuries suffered as the result of a fire serve as evidence as well. One of the more common injuries associated with California fires are burns.

There are various types of burn injuries. The most frequent burn associated with fires is a thermal burn. 

Burns range in varying degrees from first to fourth. 

Potential ramifications from burns include:

  • Scarring
  • Disfigurement
  • Emotional trauma

Any or all evidence can help file a property damage claim following California fires.

One of the main factors in a property damage case is negligence. When someone fails to act with reasonable care towards another person or their property, they could be found negligent.

Think of a situation where a group of workers don’t take appropriate precautions when working at a power pole. Their negligence can lead to a potential fire that results in property damage.

Other negligent actions that can potentially lead to a fire include:

  • A smoker nonchalantly tossing their cigarette to the ground
  • Trash fires
  • Car accidents where a vehicle is set ablaze
  • Fireworks
  • Grills
  • Arson

If you lost your home or important property due to a fire caused by another party’s negligence, you may be eligible for compensation.

At C&B Law Group, our Los Angeles fire attorneys are prepared to help you recover compensation for property damage from a fire. We have decades of combined experience helping clients in Southern California.

The LA property damage attorneys at C&B Law Group will help you gather evidence during this critical time.

We understand finances may be difficult, which is why we work on a contingency basis, so you won’t pay us attorney fees until your case is successfully settled.

It is important to get in touch with an attorney as quickly as you can following a damage inducing fire. The statute of limitations for a property damage claim is three years in the state of California.

We will do everything in our legal power to ensure you receive not only the maximum amount of compensation, but the utmost support from our team. 

Determining the length of your case is virtually impossible considering every claim has a different set of circumstances. The only thing we can assure is dedication from our team so you can recover during this difficult time.

If you believe you suffered from property damage due to negligence caused by California fires, contact C&B Law Group today.

Your initial consultation is free, so don’t wait. Contact C&B Law Group today.

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