4 Common Mistakes Following a Dog Attack in Southern California

December 1, 2023

4 Common Mistakes Following a Dog Attack in Southern California

Mistakes Following a Dog Attack - angry dog

An assault by a dog can be terrifying, but it’s important to avoid common mistakes following a dog attack.

Certain mistakes following a dog attack could lead to further complications, or even jeopardize a personal injury case.

According to the World Animal Organization, dogs are the third-deadliest animal in the world, trailing only mosquitoes and snakes. 

While we often think of our four-legged friends as being cuddly companions, they can bite and injure both us and other people. More than 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year in the US. 

In the event you are bitten by a dog, the immediate moments following the attack are crucial. Your reaction is very important.

Four of the top mistakes following a dog attack include:

Leaving the scene too quickly: it’s normal to try fleeing from a dog attack. However, if you can safely stay near the location of the attack, it may help in the long run for collecting information from the dog’s owner or even documenting the area. 

If you leave the scene, you let potential evidence slip away, and lack of information can lead to further complications.

Letting the dog’s owner walk away: one of the biggest mistakes following a dog attack is allowing the owner of the dog who attacked you to leave the scene. 

Opposite of the previous mistake, it’s not rare for dog bite victims to let the owner walk away. They may think the injury isn’t that serious, or that the owner may not comply. 

This thought process is potentially damaging to the injured party. Any victim of a dog attack should at least get the owner’s information, including their name, phone, and email address.

Mistakes Following a Dog Attack - dog bites person

Not seeking medical attention: it’s common for those attached by a dog to downplay their injuries. However, you should always seek medical care following a dog attack.

There are different types of dog bites that range at six various levels. For example, a level two dog bite makes contact with the skin, but there are no punctures, while a level six dog bite results in the victim’s death. 

Any damage from one of these dog bites could lead to lacerations, bleeding, or muscle damage.

Additionally, a dog attack where the victim has their eyes scratched might lead to future vision problems, or a dog biting someone’s nose could mutilate the injured person. 

Not consulting with a dog bite attorney: the words attorney and lawyer might sound scary. Afterall, it’s not uncommon to associate them with courtrooms from a scene in Better Call Saul or Suits.

A dog bite attorney not only has the legal knowledge to help with a case, but they’re also familiar with the tricks opposing insurance companies often pull to end a claim early.

Mistakes following a dog attack can be damaging physically, mentally, and financially for the victim. Some of the most frequent injuries following a dog attack include: 

  • Scarring
  • Disfigurement
  • Deep lacerations
  • Muscle tears and nerve damage as a result of bites/scratches
  • Eye injuries that lead to temporary or permanent vision damage
  • Broken bones suffered after falling while trying to get away
  • Concussions
  • Emotional stress
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

Even if you take safety precautions when coming in contact with a dog, they can still attack at any time. Don’t be a victim to one or more of the many mistakes following a dog attack.

If you do suffer an injury after being attacked by a dog, contact the Los Angeles personal injury attorneys at C&B Law Group

Our dog bite attorneys have helped clients recover millions of dollars.

The physical pain and mental trauma after being assaulted by a dog can be taxing. Don’t make the same mistakes following a dog attack as many others.

Reach out to the team at C&B Law Group today to learn more about our services and a free consultation.

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