What is a Concussion? 5 Important Symptoms to Look Out For

March 2, 2023

What is a Concussion? 5 Important Symptoms to Look Out For

Brain injury - possibly a concussion

The Centers for Disease Control reports over 175 Americans died from traumatic brain injuries like a concussion everyday in 2020.

Concussions are one of the most frequent traumatic brain injuriesA traumatic brain injury like a concussion can affect how the brain works, leading to a severe impact on the organ’s functions for many years. 

Seeing a great deal of media attention recently in relation to football players, concussions are usually the result of quick and hard jolts to the head that force the brain against the skull. They are usually not life-threatening, but the long-term effects can cause significant damage to the brain, whether it be from just one or multiple concussions.

There are many different symptoms to look our for, including:

  • Inability to concentrate – concussion victims often have a tough time staying focused on a task at hand. Fatigue and tiredness often lead to this symptom
  • Complications with problem solving – confusion after a concussion is extremely common. Victims may feel as if they can’t perform simple tasks.
  • Dizziness – concussion victims often report a loss of balance, usually when moving or quickly changing positions. 
  • Averse reaction to light or noise – Increased sensitivity, often paired with headaches, will often pop up when someone is concussed.
  • Unable to recall events happening closely around the accident – memory loss is not only a long-term effect, but can happen immediately. Sometimes, a concussed individual will struggle to remember what happened right before or after the injury occurred.

Persistent problems from multiple concussions may include:

  • Frequent headaches – these headaches are usually for prolonged periods, and can occur multiple times per day.
  • Difficulty learning – damage to the brain may make it difficult to adapt to new skills and situations.
  • Memory loss – injured parts of the brain associated with memory, like the hippocampus, can cause victims to suffer recollection issues.
  • Depression and anxiety – concussion victims suffering from various symptoms may become depressed due to their inability to recall or perform certain tasks they once had no problem doing.
  • Other physical problems – this may include issues such as nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, etc.

Diagram of person suffering from a brain injury - it could be a concussion

Junior Seau was a 12 time NFL Pro Bowler, and is widely considered one of the best linebackers of all-time. Despite never being formally diagnosed with a concussion, he suffered through repeated shots to the head. In 2012, Seau took his own life. He was only 43.

It was later discovered that Seau had signs of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), which has affected thousands of former NFL players. Seau’s family eventually filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the NFL.

Helmet collisions are just one of the ways one can suffer a concussion. There are many other possibilities you might not even realize:

If you believe you have suffered a concussion due to the negligence of someone else, contact our LA head injury attorneys at C&B Law Group. With decades of combined experience, our Los Angeles lawyers are committed to your highest satisfaction. 

As you may have learned in an anatomy class, the average human brain weighs around 3 pounds. While it’s only about 2 percent of total body weight, the brain is one of, if not the most, vital organ in the human body. It controls thought, memory, emotion, touch, motor skills, vision, breathing, temperature, hunger and every process regulating the body

Significant damage to your brain can be life altering. At C&B Law Group, we understand the effects a concussion can have on the injured parties long-term outlook. It’s why our firm strives to defend those greatly affected by a brain injury due to the fault of another person. 

Our experienced team will represent you, ensuring the best possible compensation following your concussion.

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