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1.) Check yourself for injuries.

If you’re injured, call 911 or ask someone else to do so. If you’re seriously injured, try not to move, and wait for emergency personnel. Whether an accident is considered a minor fender-bender or a major collision, calling the police is important. The responding officers will fill out an accident report and document the scene. If the police can’t come to the scene of the accident, you can go to the nearest police station and complete a report yourself.

  • Keep everyone safe and away from traffic

If the damage is minor and you can safely move the vehicles, it is probably best to move them off the road. Otherwise turn on hazard lights and set up warning triangles or flares if you have them. If there are no medical injuries, make sure everyone gets off the road and stays away from traffic

  • Document the Accident.

In order to help protect yourself, C&B Law Group recommends taking the following steps:

2.) Exchange information with the other driver(s) and their passengers.

  • Full name and contact information

  • Insurance company and policy number

  • Driver’s license and license plate number

  • Type, color and model of vehicle

  • Location of accident

3.) Take pictures.

  • Document the accident thoroughly by taking pictures of your vehicle from different angles, showing the damage done to both cars. It might also be a good idea to take pictures of the other car’s license plate.

4.)Witness Information.

  • Full name and contact information

5.) Police Officer’s Information.

  • Get the name and badge number of all responding officers.

  • Ask the police officers present where you can obtain a copy of the accident report. They will give you a copy of their business card with the police report document number written on it. 

6.) Call C&B Law Group.

Our experienced car accident injury attorneys will help you by fighting to get you the maximum compensation for your injuries and damages, while finding you the care you need to recover from your injuries. Call 1(866) 747-7333

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